ABER Sustainability

At ABER we are fully aware that we only have one planet. For this reason, we seek to properly care for the environment in which we live. Our aim is not only to manufacture quality products, but also to develop a sustainable environment for future generations.

A set of sustainable practices have been adopted in the hope of contributing to the reduction of the environmental impacts of activities, reducing production and final product costs and helping to effectively sustain the planet. Through these it is possible to reduce the waste of raw materials, the reuse of materials in the manufacturing process and the reduction of waste production. These practices aim to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint, thus contributing to the balance of our ecosystem.


Sustainable Practices

Recycling, reuse and reduction: We know that the accelerated increase in industrialization results in an increase in waste production. In this way, the recycling process adopted contributes significantly to reduce the amount of impacts on the environment.

With its own investment and financed by ABER, more than 20 pieces of equipment were purchased for cleaning and purifying cutting fluids, allowing for their reuse. This reuse of cutting fluids makes them remain able to be applied again, minimizing the need to reject them as waste. Thus, they can be reused without generating losses to the process.

Energy: In order to become less dependent on energy that may come from fossil sources, in 2022, ABER took the decision to install a solar energy production unit for self-consumption on its roof. This measure translates into a significant reduction in electricity consumption from non-renewable sources, prioritizing the generation of clean, renewable and sustainable electricity with a low impact on the environment.

The roof of the ABER factory is partially fitted with transparent sheets, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

ABER´s automobile fleet is changing to be powered by electricity.

All of ABER’s social areas are equipped with movement sensors that activate/deactivate lights, assuring that no wasted energy is being used.

A commitment to preventive maintenance of equipment, an example of this is the activity carried out on the entire compressed air network of the factory, as it is periodically inspected to detect and correct any leaks that lead to undesirable energy consumption.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is more economical and efficient in terms of energy use.

ABER’s digitalization is a strong statement to significantly reduce the consumption of paper and other associated resources.


Everyone’s Involvement

The involvement of all is essential in the implementation of sustainable practices at ABER. Nothing can have the desired results if there is not the involvement and active participation of all ABER team.

Involvement is guaranteed by promoting sustainability through frequent awareness-raising, information and training actions in this area.